Motorcycle racing is a fascinating spectacle that gathers millions of people in stadiums and at screens. Elements of competition and show permeate every race, causing a storm of emotions in the audience. Speedway, for instance, is one of the most popular types of motorcycle racing, which is easy to follow from your seat in the stands. The growth in popularity of the speedway has led to the addition of discipline to the list of events offered for betting by bookmakers.

There are several tournaments

  • speedway – the race takes place on an oval track;
  • motocross – competition on rough terrain;
  • supermoto – cover alternation is provided;
  • enduro – takes place in several stages, where participants have to overcome long distances, highway-ring.

Motorcycle racing features

The world championship in road racing competitions is held according to the spring-autumn system and is divided into three categories depending on the class of motorcycles. Allocate MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 (prototypes of motorcycles that have not yet been put into mass production are used here).

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When holding a world championship in superbike, motorcycles that are freely available are used. Separately, according to the autumn-winter system, the world endurance championship is held: 8-12-24 hours. Already according to this information, there are noticeable differences in the analysis of each type of motorcycle racing.
As part of a superbike, it is easier to analyze: a bettor can easily study the characteristics of the motorcycle used, the strengths and weaknesses of the motorcycle racer.MotoGP is an analogue of Formula 1, where the user must correctly understand the features of the equipment used by each team: new items, technical progress, etc.

Types of bets

The betting market is small, you can bet on the following options:

  • which racer will win;
  • who will enter the top 3, top 5, etc.;
  • who will win from a pair of riders proposed by the bookmaker;
  • who will be higher in the rating table of the team;
  • best lap time;
  • whether the specified racer will be able to reach the finish line;
  • total or handicap of the time difference between the winner and the closest pursuers;
  • long-term offers for the winners of the entire championship.

Pay attention to high odds even on clear favorites, which allows you to effectively use the “fan” strategy in betting: the bettor correctly distributes the bet amounts and bets on the first 5-6 leaders in parallel. The victory of one of them due to high quotes brings such a total profit that covers the losses on the other lost bets.

How to analyze

Races are held with a break of 2-4 weeks, there is enough time for a deep and high-quality analysis. It is better to choose 2-3 tournaments, watch them carefully and study the following important points.

Results of past races

Follow the performances of the race leaders. If one of the favorites begins to lag behind its competitors in terms of points in the overall ranking, this means that in each subsequent race he may experience an emotional explosion, and he may show a high result.
For betting beginners, it would be useful to take a look at the performances of riders over the last few seasons, this will allow you to understand two important points: in what part of the season there is a sharp increase in results and at what stages the motorcycle racer demonstrates consistently good performance.

Player injuries
Motorcycle racing is one of the most dangerous sports where athletes often get injuries that need to be taken into account. Serious damage has a big impact on the performance level of riders after recovery.

Track Features
Each track is different in its own right, with some having more twisty sections that riders with a high level of skill are better at, others replete with long straights and wide sections where the performance of motorcycles comes first. There are tracks where winding and straight sections are evenly distributed.
If a strong motorcycle racer performs on a powerful motorcycle, then this is a universal “duet” for a track with any characteristics. A strong rider on a weak bike has an advantage on twisty roads and so on.

Heavy rain, dust, fog and snow are a strong hindrance even for experienced top motorcycle racers. Weather conditions can make serious “corrections” in the final table at the end of the next stage.
For this reason, experienced bettors study the weather report on the day of the competition, and if there is evidence of bad weather, they refrain from pre-match betting and focus on live betting.

Preliminary scores
A lot of information can give races before the main race. The statistics here roughly show what an athlete is capable of. And if the results of practices and qualifications are compared with the past performance of the rider at the same stage, you will see the overall dynamics.

Competitor interviews
Often, in their interviews before the race itself, the participants of the competition reveal the plan of the struggle. This information is especially useful for playing live. All the necessary information can be obtained on several sites:, Here you can also learn about injuries and how an athlete recovers from injuries.

Why are motorcycle races not very popular?

In other words, there are three main reasons why motorsport has not yet become so popular with bookmakers and players.
Firstly, the motorsport audience is much smaller than in the same football, and secondly, in order to make good money by making the right bet, you need to know the entire background of the championship thoroughly; you need to be a real expert in this area;
thirdly, there is a significant amount of risk when making a forecast for each event both in general and for the season.
For some, a few successful bets on motorsport can be a kind of test of knowledge of the material: do you really think that you understand motorcycle racing?
Test yourself!