What should you know about motorcycle speedway?

At its core, speedway is a motorcycle race, but unlike other sports, it is very difficult and incredibly adventurous. Race tracks are oval-shaped dirt tracks. Motorcycles are basically built in the same way as conventional motorcycles, only they have necessary supplies and components for racing. Front of the bike is made of a lightweight steel alloy frame to give the rider safety and comfort, and has very little front suspension and no rear suspension at all.

Six racers take part in the race, they all start from the same position and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first. It is quite obvious for the spectators which of the riders is in the lead and who can win because they have a good view of the speedway tracks. This helps when you make live bets.

Brief history of speedway

The date and location of the start of the sport is unknown, but there is evidence that suggests speedway racing began prior to first World War. Glasgow Olympic Stadium, Nelson witnessed first Proto Speedway in 1920s. Expressway racing was previously held on well-built tracks. In Australia, the tracks extended from the ½-mile fairground track, which is about 520m as Claremont Expressway in Perth and 509m as Sydney site. This sport has always been popular among those who like to bet and betting in general.

The main basics of motorcycle speedway

This sport is pretty easy to understand because champion is rider who crosses finish line first. Unpredictability of this sport lies in the incredible number of challenges that the racer faces on the track.
6 riders take part in the race and the task is to drive four laps counterclockwise along the oval track. These motorcycles have only one race wheel and they have no slow down mechanism at all. As a rule racing tracks are oval in shape and covered with mud or various loose rocks for better glide. such tracks can usually be seen at races held in Australia and New Zealand.

How are the races held?

Each race is attended by four riders and their king to drive 4 laps. In order to better distinguish between bath attendants, each of them wear helmets of different colors. If we are talking about club competitions, then red and blue colors are given to the owners of track, and white, yellow and black for guests of these competitions. Starting area is divided into 4 identical parts. You can place bets on each rider.
Participants from each team must take a pre-allocated place in the starting sector. Sometimes special colors indicate the starting place but only in certain types of competitions. So for example a racer with a red color starts at the gate one blue one at the gate two white 43 and a yellow-black freak 4. In addition, riders must be prepared to take their bikes without any additional assistance.

How to make a winning bet on speedway?

Speedway bets are characterized by unpredictable outcomes, so it is important for a capper to take into account a whole bunch of factors:
Knowledge of the track. Of course, the trails are not of fundamental importance, however, depending on the length and width, some participants may receive an advantage. Technical characteristics of motorcycles. There is a regulation where the requirements for the main characteristics of motorcycles are given, but the teams get opportunities for “upgrades”, so you must know what to expect from each “iron horse”.
Athlete’s physical condition. If the rider has recently been injured, then in the first performances after rehabilitation it will be difficult for him to show optimal results. If you take into account all of the things mentioned above, you may succeed in betting.