Why should you know these moto racers?

High speed, the roar of the engine and no obstacles: only the wind ahead. An incomparable feeling of freedom and flight gives a motorcycle racing. Some young men fall in love with this feeling so much that they decide to link their fate with bikes and racing forever. And become racing legends for decades.

Giacomo Agostini

He competed for 17 years. During this time, he has accumulated 311 victories in competitions of various levels. Of these, 122 won “gold” at the Grand Prix. This record remains unsurpassed to this day. He also has 15 victories in the world championships in road racing. In addition to the motorcycle racer Giacomo Agostini, he acted as a pilot in Formula 1 races.

Valentino Rossi

Another famous Italian motorcyclist. Over the years of performances, the athlete won 9 world championships. Took first place in all super class racing competitions. Thanks to his skill, he earned the honorary nickname “Doctor”. He is currently playing for the Yamaha team, consistently finishing well, although he is at a respectable age for a rider. Rossi has over 100
racing victories to his credit.

Michael Hailwood

An athlete who successfully competed in automobile and motorcycle races. 9 times became the world champion in road racing on motorcycles, as a pilot he participated in Formula 1 and one of the most difficult races – 24 Hours of Le Mans. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 41. Although, perhaps, he could still win more than one victory on a bike or car.

Michael Duane

This representative of Australia has become one of the brightest and most memorable motorcycle races of the last century. During 10 years of performances, Duane managed to win 54 victories. He began and ended his career at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Eddie Lawson

Lawson has always followed the principle: only victory. And he won everywhere he was racing. However, due to a short career in motorcycling, he did not have time to fully reveal his talent. Therefore, the result is somewhat more modest than that of its predecessors: 4 “gold” at the world racing championships.

Angel Nieto

The Spaniard began his professional career in motorcycling at the age of 17. Performed for 22 years. During this time, he managed to become a 13-time world champion, in total he managed to win 90 victories. Long successful performances made Angel a real sports legend.

Stefan Everts

Motorcycle racing is a family hobby of the Everts. Stefan’s father was also a professional motorcycle racer, but his son managed to step out of his shadow and excel in every way. Stefan was one of the youngest world champions – he first lifted the gold cup at the age of 19. He repeated this success 9 more times in a 20-year career. Now Stefan’s son is growing up, it is possible that the boy will continue to glorify the Everts family in the sports field.

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