A brief history of enduro

Many have heard the word “enduro” – this is the name for off-road motorcycles and cross-country racing. But few people know what exactly this word means. In fact, this is the name of one of the most famous off-road motorcycle races. It has been held for more than a hundred years, and modern enduro motorcycles in many ways have become what we are used to.
At the dawn of the twentieth century, the leaders of the motorcycle industry were England and France. It was they who gave impetus to a new sport – endurance competitions, in French – endurance.

In 1907, the Tourist Trophy competitions began to be held on the Isle of Man, and in 1908 the prototype of motocross appeared – the Fox Chase. The International Motorcycle Federation FICM (later FIM) decided to combine both directions. In the first enduro race in 1913 in the English town of Carlisle, several British and three French riders started and the competition took place over six days. The official name of the International Six Day Trial did not contain the word “enduro” – it appeared only in 1981, when the competition was renamed (ISDE).

What differs enduro from other motorcycle races?

The essence of the competition is the regularity of movement along a long track (length more than 1200 km) for six days and victories in additional speed disciplines. Additional competitions include crosses with a general start, climbs, acceleration tests. In the finals, a general road-circular race was previously held, then it was replaced by a cross-country race.
The rules of the “six-day” are quite complicated, the requirements for technique, the type and nature of the disciplines, as well as the procedure for penalization have changed several times. For this, the competitions were characterized as the most intellectual type of motorsport, a kind of motor-Olympiad. It is difficult not only for riders, but also for coaches and mechanics. In general, like in chess: a game full of surprises, with many options, which makes betting on it even more exciting.

What is the difference between cross country and enduro?

What is the difference between cross and enduro? – a question that any motorcyclist asks himself or google, regardless of driving experience. They are close enough to each other to confuse them endlessly if you did not have the pleasure of riding both.
As in any kind of technology, the differences in model ranges depend on the goals and method of operation. As soon as you mix dirt on an enduro or drive on a cutoff with adrenaline on a 15 to 10 scale of your capabilities, you will immediately begin to see a clear difference without any theory.

If we talk about these classes in a generalized way, then they have differences in:

  • power apparatus
  • ​Power system
  • electrical system
  • Suspension/wheels
  • Tuning / additional elements.

Why should you bet on enduro?

Motorsport is loved by spectators and those who bet for the drive that you can experience while sitting at the stadium or at home. Betting on motorcycle racing is much more exciting than betting on football or even car racing. We hope that our tips have helped beginners in what to consider, what to learn and how to make their first bet with complete confidence in winning.